Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I have been using GNU/Linux distros for a long time. So I decided to blog about my experiences with GNU/Linux. I started using RedHat which was distributed with PCQuest magazine on a regular basis in India. I shifted to Arch Linux as it was a distro optimised for the i686 architecture. I like optimised distros. :)

I really like and enjoy Arch as it is very cutting edge. I love experimenting with distros. Long back I had installed SimplyMepis and enjoyed it thoroughly. It had some issues with my Epson USB based printer so I installed something else over it. In the meantime I installed Ubuntu Hoary. Never did like Ubuntu. Somehow it just wasn't as fast Arch. Another thing about Ubuntu it never optimised the hard disk settings. One always had to do it manually and this remains true for Dapper too. Ubuntu's advantage is the fantastic forums and the package selection.

I tried Gentoo. I really, really like it. The only trouble with Gentoo is that it downloads all the source and compiles it locally on one's pc. This does give one tremendous flexibility in optimising the distro.

Recently having read a lot of stuff whether Linux was ready for the desktop or not I came across a review of SimplyMepis again in this article Seven Linux distros fight over one old ThinkPad and decided to give it a shot. I must say I love it.

This blog is going to be like me: totally disorganised and random :D

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