Saturday, December 23, 2006

Fonts on GNU/Linux

IMHO the fonts issue on GNU/Linux is the single biggest detterent to wide spread acceptance for Desktop use. There are a few distros which get the font rendering correct, but by and large the font rendering is not good for most people. Now, font rendering is very subjective, for example, in the office that I work in, we have a couple of Macs, a iBook 64 and a Mac mini, both running 10.4.8. Personally I hate the font rendering on these Macs. I think the rendering is worse than that of any Linux distros and to make things worse one cannot turn off antialiasing for font size greater than 12. There may be a hack, but I am not aware of it as I have been using these Macs for the last month or so. After turning off the antialiasing and using Monaco or Chicago, the Mac is usable for me. I was not able to use GNU/Linux full time because I never liked the way the fonts were rendered. I am not a fan of Cleartype on Windows. I use the Standard font rendering on Windows and I absolutely love it. I have never been able to quite get the same effect in GNU/Linux distro till tonite. I refer all my fellow sufferers to:

I have tried the tweak and it works for me. At long last I am happy and will most prolly never use Windows for personal use.

Long Live calande.